Training Courses

CodeMachine offers highly specialized offensive and defensive security training courses that cover the latest in security research. These courses have been created specifically for security software developers, malware analysts, forensics investigators, incident responders and security researchers. All of our training courses are instructor led, classroom based, have extensive hands-on labs and can be delivered in the US or internationally.

Click on any of the course names below for the course description, learning goals, prerequisites and detailed topic list.

This basic level 5-day course covers the following topics:
Kernel Debugging
Navigating Call Stacks
Navigating Data Structures
Kernel Architecture
Execution Environment
Memory Management
I/O Management
Object Management
Kernel Debugging Tools
This intermediate level 5-day course covers the following topics:
Driver Development Environment
Driver Programming Basics
Asynchronous Execution
Locking & Serialization
Advanced Driver Programming
Filter Drivers
Memory Dumps
Debugging Hangs
Debugging Crashes
Live Kernel Debugging
This advanced level 5-day course covers the following topics:
Kernel Architecture
Kernel Vulnerabilities
Kernel Security Mitigations
Kernel Security Bypass
Driver Exploitation
Hooking Techniques
Filtering Mechanisms
Covert Communications
Stealth Behavior
Detection Tools & Case Studies

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Why CodeMachine?

Consulting Services

We have been helping our clients ship quality software for more than a decade. Our clients include young startups, multi-national companies and government agencies. We leverage our deep knowledge of Windows to help with all aspects of cyber-security research and computer network operations (CNO) development like reverse engineering, binary analysis, vulnerability research and security tool development. Over the years, we have designed, implemented and shipped production software that involves the following technologies:

Host Intrusion Prevention Systems
Behavioral Anti-Malware Engines
Host Based Firewalls
File System Mini-Filter Drivers
Registry Filter Drivers
Kernel Hooking & Interception Drivers
Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) Drivers
NDIS Light Weight Filter (LWF) Drivers
USB Mass Storage Filter Drivers
Storage Virtual Miniports (STORPORT)
Storage Filter Drivers
Virtual Network Miniports (NDIS)

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