Why CodeMachine?

All CodeMachine courses comprise of lecture, live demos, code walkthroughs, hands-on labs, Q&A sessions, and quizzes. At least 50% time dedicated to hands-on labs, instructor-led demos, and code-walkthroughs to ensure that the theory is well understood and retained by the attendees.

CodeMachine has been involved in Windows internals, development, and debugging since the inception of Windows NT in 1992 and has delivered related courses all over the world for more than 15 years. CodeMachine instructors bring unprecedented historical perspective to design and architectural questions that come up during the training.

CodeMachine instructors actively work on Windows security software on a regular basis enabling them to convey real-life experiences to attendees. This depth of technical knowledge and architectural insights sets apart CodeMachine courses from other training providers.

CodeMachine's cancellation policy is the best in the industry - if a course is canceled after confirmation, all we request is that we get reimbursed for all out-of-pocket expenses that have been incurred in the preparation of the course i.e. airfare, hotel reservation charges, etc.

Course Roadmap

Both onsite and online versions of CodeMachine training courses are a week (5-days) long. There is very little content overlap between the different courses. These courses have been carefully designed to have a certain flow of topics and hands-on lab exercises. Limited customization is possible as long as it maintains the integrity of the course.

We recommend that attendees take these courses in the following sequence:

5Windows Kernel Internals
5Windows Kernel Development
5Windows Kernel Rootkits
5Windows Kernel Debugging

Delivery Options

Courses can be selected individually or combined together depending on the knowledge level of the attendees and their learning goals. We recommend the following course pairings.

For attendees who are new to the world of Windows Kernel.

10Windows Kernel Internals and Development
10Windows Kernel Internals and Debugging

For attendees who are knowledgeable about Windows Kernel Internals.

10Windows Kernel Development and Rootkits
10Windows Kernel Development and Debugging

For attendees who are knowledgeable about Windows Kernel Internals and Kernel Software Driver Development.

10Windows Kernel Rootkits and Debugging

For a 3-week training program we recommend the following course selections:

15Windows Kernel Internals, Programming and Rootkits
15Windows Kernel Internals, Programming and Debugging


CodeMachine has delivered training to the following companies, institutions and government organizations over the past 15 years.

BAE Systems CheckPoint Software
Cisco Systems Citrix Systems
CyberArk Dell
Endgame FireEye/Mandiant
Intel Lockheed Martin
Mantech Microsoft
Raytheon root9B
Sandia National Laboratories Thales Group
Symantec Various Government Agencies

Training Feedback

Social Media Comments

Public feedback from past attendees via Twitter is available at

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Selected Attendee Comments

Extremely clear, concise and cool presentation style. One of the best instructors I ever had (and I am 61 years old...).
Kernel Internals and Rootkits Course, Israel

Nobody teaches Windows Internals like T.Roy. Not only does he know this stuff inside out, he is a fantastic and engaging presenter and does an excellent job of teaching, what is otherwise, a very dry topic.
Windows Kernel Internals, CA, USA

T.Roy was fantastic. I enjoyed his diatribes and sidebars about current research. He is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. An entire course could have been based around his treatment of the state of computer security.
Kernel Rootkits Course, MD, USA

His presentation is extremely engaging. He asks questions, he annotates his slides, and he draws diagrams on the whiteboard. All extremely useful.
Windows Kernel Internals Course, VA, USA

T.Roy gave every question a deep dive answer. We could not stump him!
Windows Kernel Internals Course, MD, USA

T.Roy is probably the best Windows Kernel expert I have ever met. He is able to explain tremendously complicated concepts in a manner that anyone can understand. This is probably one of the best courses I have taken.
Kernel Development Course, MD, USA

The most valuable part of this class is the hands on debugging of dumps with T.Roy there to offer insight and give tips. I was very impressed with T.Roy's knowledge of stuff that I wouldn't think anyone outside of Microsoft would know.
Kernel Debugging Course, WA, USA

This was an extremely knowledgeable instructor, and he demonstrated a very high level of presentational skill. I learned a good deal about presentation style simply by observing him.
User Mode Internals and Debugging Course, WA, USA

T.Roy's delivery was absolutely phenomenal. Definitely one of the best I've ever received on this material.
Windows Kernel Internals and Debugging Course, NC, USA

Excellent course. Rare to find highly technical courses of such quality.
Developing and Debugging KMDF Drivers Course, London, UK

Very knowledgeable and a good teaching manner = great course.
Developing and Debugging Network Drivers Course, Munich, Germany

Organizer Comments

I had organized CodeMachine's Kernel Debugging course at Dell, Austin, TX for attendees who had Kernel Debugging experience from basic to advanced level. At my request, CodeMachine quickly customized the training on storage specific issues.

We have benefited heavily from the training and most of us have already used CodeMachine's lab exercises to resolve the field issues. The feedback from the attendees was very positive and CodeMachine scored above 9.5 on the scale of 10. Our engineers especially liked the way the instructor presented very complex topics in a very simple way, covered every topic that they could think of, and the way the instructor answered questions, nicely and articulately.

I would highly recommend this training for anybody who wants to learn Windows Kernel Debugging and Windows Internals. CodeMachine is highly capable of delivering training at any depth.

GD, Dell Computers, Austin, TX

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